Clean eating

Cleansing vegetable broth a medicinal blend

This is something I created years ago, This soup is wonderful to aid liver and kidney function, great to aid cleansing, detoxing and weight loss, reduces fluid retention is also anti-inflammatory...

detox and cleansing

Medicinal green soup recipe, wonderful for digestive system and liver

I created this alkaline soup as a medicine to give the body a hit of nutrients providing a nourishing effect to the digestive system and Liver. This is one of my all time favourites ii make it often.

Clean eating

Easy Roast Pumpkin Soup!

You dont' even need to boil water for this one.....


Citrus sensation a great way to start your morning!

Try my sensational Vitamin C juice, make the most of fresh seasonal produce! Method....



click here for info and class times for this winter...

children's health

Abundant Health Herbal Tonics

I love making potions and blending herbs, I have a range of tonics you should...


Abundant Health Yoga mats

Even as a teacher I use my alignment mat every day during my practice, it helps me every time......


Some sunshine for your day

A peak of light as I realised I could reach even higher, south port SA


Chinese garden of friendship, a special place….

I was in wonderland here, so many paths and areas to discover click here to see my adventure....

kill that cold
home remedies

Homemade medicine, and oldie but a goodie!

This fresh herb and lemon formula is something I make when I have a cold or flu, here is how you can make medicine at home...

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Healthy & Clean Living

Happy health wellness news Summer 2016

Summer is in full swing, I have some great specials on offer, new yoga term dates, fabulous recipe for breakfast and salad, natural fertility article and....

gift certificates

Looking for a gift for someone special?

Giving is always nice, give something that will be received with a big smile, my gift vouchers can be used for any of my services I have a great deal on offer for Christmas.....

Clean eating

Summer vitamin C twist

This combination will hydrate and nourish, keep you away from sugar, use as a mocktail...

piggy at xmas
Clean eating

Smart partying over the festive season, here’s how to stay in balance and avoid back tracking

It can be a real challenge this time of year to stay on track. It doesn't have to be an all or nothing approach. Here are my top 10 tips on how to manage a balance of fun and over indulgence, and keeping the weight at bay...
Clean eating

Healthy breakfast for busy people, here’s what I am eating this summer…

Start your day the nourishing way, with my quick easy breakfast recipes....


Take a moment to de-stress and relax

This simple yoga posture is so effective to relieve stress and anxiety in just a few minutes, click here for instructions...

detox and cleansing

It is amazing what you can see from one drop of blood!

Live blood screening is an accurate interactive way for you to see what is....

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Clean eating

Snack attack!!

Keep your snacks healthy by having fresh whole foods, this goes perfect with my Matcha Chai Latte click here for...

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Healthy & Clean Living

Happy health newsletter, put a spring in your step!

Get a spring in your step, I have some exciting news and some great recipes too.....


Chai Latte with a difference

Need some energy? Try my delicious Latte recipe, made with Matca green tea this is perfect for a cold day....

home remedies

What to do for cold and flu? Here are my top natural tips to help you recover quickly!

The flu season has been hitting hard, click here for how to recover quickly and get you back to good health again...

photo 2

What do all these foods have in common?

Find out the common factor of these foods, they all have a high quantity of.....


On an budget? Here are some foods you don’t need to buy organic..

Get to know your produce, learn what you can buy that doesn't have to be organic...

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Healthy & Clean Living

Happy Health Winter Wellness News!!

Click here for my top tips on how to stay in great health this winter, nourishing recipes, what to do for cold and flu, and much more....


Bring on breakfast! Healthy options for a great start to your day

No need to skip breakfast I have healthy recipes, and ideas here...

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Clean eating

Healthy spiced chicken recipe

This style of cooking chicken is quick healthy, lean and full of flavour!

choc brownie
Clean eating

It’s Choclolate Fudge Brownie time!!

This is taste perfection, made from raw food ingredients and wont break your healthy eating plan...

lady eating
Clean eating

Looking for some nutritious healthy food ideas?

I have an abundance of healthy food ideas and recipes here, there is something for everyone....

still life  Vegetables, Herbs and Fruit.
Clean eating

Brighten up your winter with seasonal produce list

Find out whats local and in season, a list of winter produce to nourish your body...

home remedies

No more expensive hair treatments!

Use these 2 ingredients for luscious shiny hair!


Sore muscles? Here is what to do to get relief

Sore muscles can hit us at anytime, find out how you can get some relief....

Healthy & Clean Living

Quick fix, Uplifting Orange

If you are in need of a lift or feeling dull I have something to brighten up your day....

Ginger tea on the boards
home remedies

Simple home made medicine

Make this medicinal herbal tea at home for sore throats, digestive and liver care, perfect on a cold day....

Clean eating

Yoga Mats back in stock, new style and colors

Specialized yoga mats new style and colors, 2 designs to choose from , highly recc....


Reflections of summer, getting salty, sandy and flexy

Reflections of summer yoga adventures, I love stepping out the studio for some outdoor yoga action...

Homemade facial masks with natural ingredients, on color wooden background
home remedies

Body scrub to get your skin glowing

When the weather changes my skin gets dry, I use these 4 ingredients to make my own scrub....

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Natural Skin Care

Abundant Health Online Store now open!

At my online store you can purchase Abundant Health Immune boost, yoga mats...

children's health

Natural fertility options helping many couples!

Many couples today are facing fertility challenges, I have helped many couples over the years, often people would come to me as a last resort...

Healthy & Clean Living

Tips on how to store your superfoods

It's important to store your super foods correctly so they obtain their high nutrient quality find out...

My Favourite Things

Yoga is not about ‘being’ good its about ‘feeling’ good!

You don't have to be 'good' at Yoga to feel great from it, here's why...

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Purple Power superfood smoothie

This nutritious smoothie is a delight to the taste buds, choc-cherry coconut...

arbonne greens smoothie
Clean eating

Summer berry & kiwi smoothie

This is a refreshing blend of summer fruits giving you a nutritious kick start to you day.

Protein fruit whip, a great energy boost, vegan dairy free, gluten free!
Yoga splits on a bridge.

Spring afternoon fun, yoga everywhere!

My 90 day challenge towards a healthier lifestyle - yoga, walking, running, eating well and more.


Acro Yoga, an amazing Video

This is an amazing display of human movement, this acro yoga video is amazing! wishing it was me...

tropical sorbet
Clean eating

Tropical Sorbet, raw food delight

Raw food, vegan sorbet will have your taste buds singing...

Banana Snack
Clean eating

Raw food energy snack, banana delight

This is cute snack will keep you...


Acro Yoga

My first attempt.....

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detox and cleansing

What I do to prepare for a detox

Before doing a detox I like to plan, here are a few of the things I...


Feature Yoga posture of the week, Downward Dog

Strengthen and smooth out your back and legs with this posture, its also great for the butt...