Abundant Health Herbal Tonics

All My tonics are blended with love by me. I love herbs and the powerful medicinal property they offer to us.  I use the highest quality herbal extracts when making these formulas to provide a tonic for you that I know you will love using.

I have created a range tonics that are extremely effective and pleasant tasting. You can purachse tonics from me direct, or go to my online shop. Special 2 for $75 or $40 each.

Abundant Health Herbal Tonic Range 

IMMUNE BOOST 200ml  This is my most popular selling tonic! Keep this tonic on hand to prevent and treat illness, and aid immune function Take 1-2 x day as a boost to prevent illness, take 4 x day to reduce the symptoms of cold and flu

COUGH RELIEF 200ml This tonic will ease all types of cough and prevent further infection. Will also give relief to sinus congestion. Can be used for short term or long term respirtatory conditions. Take 1-4 x per day as needed. DO NOT TAKE IF YOU HAVE ASTHMA

CHILDREN’S WELLNESS BOOST 200ml A pleasant tasting tonic for your little ones. This will act as a boost to prevent illness, also great to treat infection and ease respiratory symptoms. Suitable from 2 years… Use 1 x day as a boost to prevent or 2-3 x day if unwell.

ADRENAL RECOVERY TONIC 200ml If you are feeling tired, flat, foggy headed, have been effected by stress or generally need a good boost this tonic will help. These herbs will aid your body to adapt to stress and find balance of energy levels. Great for people recovering from adrenal fatigue, or people that burn the candle at both ends. Take 1 x day .