Body scrub to get your skin glowing

These 4 simple ingredients will have your skin glowing

I love my skin and take pride in my skin care regime. When my skin is dry  I make up a natural body scrub to get rid off all the dead skin cells. This allows the skin to breathe and glow again.

Method to make scrub – mix well 2 table spoons of coconut oil, 1.5 table spoons of fine epsom salts, 6 drops of Lemon essential oil and 2 drops of Rosemary essential oil. Apply to body massaging well. Keep away from eyes and face. Lemon is full of vitamin C,  is great to balance Ph of skin and remove dead skin cells, Rosemary is excellent antioxidant and great for the circulation, these oils together is a simple blend that will refresh skin. Epsom salt is a great abrasive and not too harsh, also contains Magnesium which helps relax muscles.

Method to use body scrub-Use the body scrub on dry skin before the shower, massage well over entire body, avoid face. Working on dry skin will remove more dead skin and give better results. Rinse well in shower. Allow skin to dry then apply coconut oil or a natural oil as a moisturiser, this will penetrate deeper to skin. Do this 1 x a week or more often if you want to stimulate the lymphatic system.