Clean eating

Cleansing vegetable broth a medicinal blend

This is something I created years ago, This soup is wonderful to aid liver and kidney function, great to aid cleansing, detoxing and weight loss, reduces fluid retention is also anti-inflammatory...

detox and cleansing

Medicinal green soup recipe, wonderful for digestive system and liver

I created this alkaline soup as a medicine to give the body a hit of nutrients providing a nourishing effect to the digestive system and Liver. This is one of my all time favourites ii make it often.

detox and cleansing

It is amazing what you can see from one drop of blood!

Live blood screening is an accurate interactive way for you to see what is....

tropical sorbet
Clean eating

Tropical Sorbet, raw food delight

Raw food, vegan sorbet will have your taste buds singing...

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detox and cleansing

What I do to prepare for a detox

Before doing a detox I like to plan, here are a few of the things I...

quick, lean, meal
Clean eating

Quick clean and lean meal of the week

This was quick to prepare and cook, I was starving and didn't want to fuss about in the kitchen...

detox and cleansing

Start your day with some Zing, refreshing lemon on rising…….

Lemons have so many health benefits, the simple method of fresh lemon in water every morning is giving your body a great start!

Clean eating

Herbal teas to help with detox and cleansing

Herbs teas have different actions on internal organs to assist cleansing, I often make my own herbal tea blends by....

Clean eating

Chia Seed, morning delight recipe

A healthy nutritious way to start your day, this Chia seed breakfast recipe is simple, easy, will fill you up and give you energy...

colorful coleslaw
Clean eating

Coleslaw salad, this colourful combo is a salad with a difference

This unusual combination works really well together, it is simple but full of flavour....

kale and berry smoothie
Clean eating

Kale and Berry smoothie

Kale and Berry smoothie, this makes a great afternoon pick me up or good breakfast to get your day started...

fresh mint
detox and cleansing

Easiest Mint tea ever

If you have fresh mint in your garden you can make a refreshing tea that tastes better than any dried tea, there are also many other uses for fresh mint.....

detox and cleansing

Matcha Green Tea, my latest obsession

This stone ground Japanese green tea is one of my favourites, I am totally obsessed Matcha green tea....