detox and cleansing

Medicinal green soup recipe, wonderful for digestive system and liver

I created this alkaline soup as a medicine to give the body a hit of nutrients providing a nourishing effect to the digestive system and Liver. This is one of my all time favourites ii make it often.



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Happy health wellness news Summer 2016

Summer is in full swing, I have some great specials on offer, new yoga term dates, fabulous recipe for breakfast and salad, natural fertility article and....

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Summer vitamin C twist

This combination will hydrate and nourish, keep you away from sugar, use as a mocktail...

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Clean eating

Smart partying over the festive season, here’s how to stay in balance and avoid back tracking

It can be a real challenge this time of year to stay on track. It doesn't have to be an all or nothing approach. Here are my top 10 tips on how to manage a balance of fun and over indulgence, and keeping the weight at bay...

detox and cleansing

It is amazing what you can see from one drop of blood!

Live blood screening is an accurate interactive way for you to see what is....

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Happy health newsletter, put a spring in your step!

Get a spring in your step, I have some exciting news and some great recipes too.....

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Happy Health Winter Wellness News!!

Click here for my top tips on how to stay in great health this winter, nourishing recipes, what to do for cold and flu, and much more....

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Brighten up your winter with seasonal produce list

Find out whats local and in season, a list of winter produce to nourish your body...

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Quick fix, Uplifting Orange

If you are in need of a lift or feeling dull I have something to brighten up your day....

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Tips on how to store your superfoods

It's important to store your super foods correctly so they obtain their high nutrient quality find out...

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detox and cleansing

What I do to prepare for a detox

Before doing a detox I like to plan, here are a few of the things I...

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Immune boost my famous witches brew ….

I have a strong passion for herbal medicine and alchemy. I formulated my Immune Boost many years ago, it is something to keep on hand in the medicine cabinet....

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It’s Bath Time! Winter warmer bath recipe

I will feature bath recipes often, todays feature is giving some general tips on how to get started on making your own bath salts for a winter warmer bath.....

detox and cleansing

Start your day with some Zing, refreshing lemon on rising…….

Lemons have so many health benefits, the simple method of fresh lemon in water every morning is giving your body a great start!


Triangle posture, feature pose of the week, Trikonasana

This posture teaches alignment and a sense of direction, giving a lovely side stretch, strengthening legs and back.

Women Practicing Yoga In Health Club

How to get the most out of your yoga class and home practice

With regular yoga practice you will achieve flexibility and a clear positive state of mind, here are some tips to help you improve your yoga practice and help achieve your goals.

fresh mint
detox and cleansing

Easiest Mint tea ever

If you have fresh mint in your garden you can make a refreshing tea that tastes better than any dried tea, there are also many other uses for fresh mint.....