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Abundant Health Herbal Tonics

I love making potions and blending herbs, I have a range of tonics you should...

kill that cold
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Homemade medicine, and oldie but a goodie!

This fresh herb and lemon formula is something I make when I have a cold or flu, here is how you can make medicine at home...

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Summer vitamin C twist

This combination will hydrate and nourish, keep you away from sugar, use as a mocktail...

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Happy health newsletter, put a spring in your step!

Get a spring in your step, I have some exciting news and some great recipes too.....

home remedies

What to do for cold and flu? Here are my top natural tips to help you recover quickly!

The flu season has been hitting hard, click here for how to recover quickly and get you back to good health again...

home remedies

No more expensive hair treatments!

Use these 2 ingredients for luscious shiny hair!


Sore muscles? Here is what to do to get relief

Sore muscles can hit us at anytime, find out how you can get some relief....

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Quick fix, Uplifting Orange

If you are in need of a lift or feeling dull I have something to brighten up your day....

Ginger tea on the boards
home remedies

Simple home made medicine

Make this medicinal herbal tea at home for sore throats, digestive and liver care, perfect on a cold day....

Homemade facial masks with natural ingredients, on color wooden background
home remedies

Body scrub to get your skin glowing

When the weather changes my skin gets dry, I use these 4 ingredients to make my own scrub....

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Immune boost my famous witches brew ….

I have a strong passion for herbal medicine and alchemy. I formulated my Immune Boost many years ago, it is something to keep on hand in the medicine cabinet....

Spa with natural bath salt
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It’s Bath Time! Winter warmer bath recipe

I will feature bath recipes often, todays feature is giving some general tips on how to get started on making your own bath salts for a winter warmer bath.....

Vitamin c lemon, date smoothie
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Home made Vitamin C tonic, a powerful punch to immune system

I came up with this concoction for my sore throat it worked a treat, filled with Vitamin C and tastes amazing, I will be making this again just for the flavour....

home remedies

Natural remedies for first aid kit, here are a few things I always reach for

A few of my favourite natural gems that I always keep on hand, you never know when you may need to reach for the.....

children's health

Children’s Immune Boost some tips for parents

I see many children in my clinic and so many of them have a stressed immune system. They are having recurring illness, infection and in many cases lots of antibiotics.....

Clean eating

Herbal teas to help with detox and cleansing

Herbs teas have different actions on internal organs to assist cleansing, I often make my own herbal tea blends by....