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Looking for a gift for someone special?

Giving is always nice, give something that will be received with a big smile, my gift vouchers can be used for any of my services I have a great deal on offer for Christmas.....

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Healthy & Clean Living

Happy Health Winter Wellness News!!

Click here for my top tips on how to stay in great health this winter, nourishing recipes, what to do for cold and flu, and much more....


Reflections of summer, getting salty, sandy and flexy

Reflections of summer yoga adventures, I love stepping out the studio for some outdoor yoga action...

My Favourite Things

Yoga is not about ‘being’ good its about ‘feeling’ good!

You don't have to be 'good' at Yoga to feel great from it, here's why...


Acro Yoga

My first attempt.....

My Favourite Things

An awesome mission statement

I thought I'd share this with you, I love this mission statement by Arbonne and I love the creative outlay! Check out my personal Arbonne website-

home remedies

Natural remedies for first aid kit, here are a few things I always reach for

A few of my favourite natural gems that I always keep on hand, you never know when you may need to reach for the.....


Some of my favourite Bliss bits

Here are some of my favourite Bliss bits by...

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My Favourite Things

Anti-gravity Yoga, one of My Favourite things

Anti-gravity Yoga is super cool, I have so much fun hanging about! Its completely different to the Yoga I practice and teach, and I really enjoy being a student for a change.....

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My Favourite Things

Arbonne, One of my top favourite things! Pure, Safe Beneficial

Arbonne, is one of my favourite things. The RE9 Anti Ageing range is what I have been using for years...

detox and cleansing

Matcha Green Tea, my latest obsession

This stone ground Japanese green tea is one of my favourites, I am totally obsessed Matcha green tea....