Healthy breakfast for busy people, here’s what I am eating this summer…

My summer breakfast

I always change things up with my eating depending on my routine from day to day and what is in season. I love summer seasonal produce, especially all the different  stone fruits, mango and pineapple. Summer  is my favourite time of year for fruit.

For breakfast I need to keep things simple, I don’t have a lot of time to mess about so what I make has to be quick, easy and nourishing for my body. The recipes below can also be used for snacks, if you are a busy mum who often eats on the go you will love these.

Here is what I have been making for my breakfast this season. First up I have smoothies and a breakfast bowl, followed by eggs and other yummy ideas!

For smoothies- I often freeze some of the fresh fruit I am going to use for smoothies, also with my recipes the fluid amount suggested  is approximation, you  can add more or less according to your liking of thickness. Feel free to tweak recipes to suit you and what you have available in the fridge or vegie garden.


Tropicana smoothie-

½-1 frozen banana

¼ cup pineapple fresh or frozen

2 dessertspoons coconut cream

1 scoop of your chosen protein powder

1 handful of ice

Approx 250ml chilled water blend well


Matcha energy smoothie-

1 tsp of Matcha green tea powder organic

1 scoop of protein powder

pinch of cinnamon

½-1 frozen banana or ½ cup of frozen mango

1:1 chilled water and coconut milk approx. 250ml

1 handful of ice, blend well


Breakfast bowl-

2 tsp chia seeds

3 tsp of oatmeal or almond meal

1 scoop of protein powder

1 tsp of Acai berry powder

1 frozen banana

1/2 cup of blueberries

2 ice cubes handful of ice

Approx 100ml of chilled coconut milk ( may need to add a dash more, don’t add to much it will go runny)

Note- Blend well so it is a thick consistency so you can eat it in a bowl, garnish with chopped strawberries and slithered almonds and shredded coconut or create your own flavours and healthy toppings.


Choc cherry smoothie-

4-5 pitted fresh cherries

½ frozen banana

1 scoop of chocolate protein powder

½ tsp of cacao powder

1 tsp coconut oil

2 desert spoon of coconut cream

Approx. 250ml chilled water

Blend well


Go green juice-

1 lebanese cucumber

4-5 mint leaves

juice of 2 fresh lime

1 apple

Approx. 250ml of chilled water or coconut water, Blend well


Mango-Maca smoothie

½ cup of frozen mango

1 fresh pitted peach or nectarine

1 scoop of protein powder

1 tsp of Maca powder organic

Approx. 250ml of chilled water. Blend well


Reach for the peaches smoothie

1 pitted yellow peach

1/4 avocado

1/2 lebanese cucumber

250ml coconut water

3 mint leaves. Blend well and enjoy.


Pawpaw Nectarine delight

1/2 cup of chopped pawpaw or papaya remove seeds

1 nectarine take stone out

1 scoop vanilla protein powder

2 dessert spoon coconut cream

250ml of chilled water, Blend well and enjoy


Veg out breakfast – takes 5mins to prepare and cook

5 x mushrooms

4 x asparagus spears

4 cherry tomatoes

handful of baby spinach, your choice of fresh herbs

Lightly stirfry chopped vegetables in coconut oil for a few minutes

Garnish with a light sprinkle of cottage cheese or feta, you can serve this with eggs or eat on its own

(sometimes I even add broccoli to this recipe)


Easy peasy-  cooks in 3mins

3/4 cup of fresh peas (or you can use frozen)

5 mushrooms chopped

Lightly stir fry the peas and mushrooms together in olive oil or coconut oil and you’re done

Granish with a sprinkle of cottage cheese, goats cheese or feta, this is great on it’s own or you can serve with eggs


Eggs avo and Rye

1 x rye, sour dough or GF toast, add 1.4 avocado and 1 x poached egg


Easy scrambled eggs- takes 3 minutes

2 x eggs beat well, 4 mushrooms sliced.

Heat pan, add dash of coconut oil, lightly fry mushroom, add beaten eggs stir well as it is cooking.

Serve with garnish of chopped baby spinach and crumbed feta


Bowl of colour

1 cup of mixed  fresh fruit of your choice

Garnish with 2 desert spoon of coconut cream and ¼ cup of mixed- raw nuts and seeds


On the run

1 x rye, sourdough or GF toast, top with ¼ avocado and a few slices of fresh tomato