It is amazing what you can see from one drop of blood!

Live Blood Screening is one of the testing procedures I use in my clinic during a health and wellness check. Have you seen what your blood looks like?

With a simple prick of your finger, I place a few drops of blood under my microscope, we view your sample on a screen and I explain what your blood is showing.

Blood is a living complex system, it is so interesting to look at. Blood gives many indications on overall health, immune function and nutritional status.

The small round cells (pictured) that look like bubbles are called red blood cells, and the silver sparkly cells are called Neutrophils, they are a type of white blood cell that make up your immune system. There are many different cells to see.

The blood can show many indications,  it’s a great tool to monitor improvements and ongoing changes.

If you need help with your health or eating plan, book yourself in for a Naturopath health check. During the session we will do live blood screening, iridology, body composition analysis and zinc test. Then I can start a plan to address any issues, so you can take charge of your health and feel your best. Contact me to make an appointment- or 08 8377 3717