Homemade medicine, and oldie but a goodie!

Lemon and fresh Herb medicinal tea

This formula is something I make when I have a cold or flu. It is a simple way to make medicine at home. This blend is great for the immune system to support you through cold and flu. This old brew is high in vitamin C and tastes nice, you can also feel the medicinal properties working as you are drinking it!

This herbal brew will  ease sore throat, clear up cough and nasal congestion, will warm you from the inside out. This little gem and my Abundant Health Immune boost will do the trick to ease your symptoms and  to get rid of that cold or flu!

This tea can also be made in smaller quantities in a tea pot, perfect for an afternoon brew on a winters day.
Ingredients- Fresh Thyme, Sage, Lemon, Ginger and Manuka honey.
Method- In a pot put 1.5 Litres of water, add juice of 6 lemons, add big handful of Thyme, big handful of Sage all loosely chopped can throw in stems too. Add  8 cubes of ginger.  Throw in 2 of the left over lemon from the juicing. Bring all ingredients to the boil then simmer for 10mins. take off stove top,  allow to stand covered fro another 10mins. Strain into a jug , stir in 2-3 tbsp of Manuka honey (manuka has anti-bacterial properties) drink hot or cool, his can be reheated. Enjoy!