Natural fertility options helping many couples!

Do you need help getting up the Duff?

Not being able to conceive can leave couples feeling, sad, confused, frustrated, and facing all of the horrible things that come up for people going through fertility issues,, this is heart breaking . Fertility complications is some thing that has become a high interest for me in the clinic, I see a lot of it. I find these cases so interesting,  it is so rewarding to help couples improve fertility and conceive! Then I get to meet the little bundle of joy! This part of my work makes me so happy as I love cuddles!
If you are facing fertility issues, I am happy to help. We can do a consultation with natural fertility focus, work out what would be the best treatment and approach for you. I look at your case carefully, treating everyone as an individual. In some cases there are specific issues to be addressed, or irregular cycles, or in some cases couples say they have no reason of why they cant get pregnant. I use food medicine, nutritional and herbal medicines, to treat clients and improve fertility. We can use treatment on its own or in conjunction with IVF treatment.

I also use other methods in some cases to help such as, Foot Reflexology, Energy balancing, yoga, breathing and relaxation techniques. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or would like to make an appointment.