What I do to prepare for a detox

My essential tips on detox preparation

Before doing a detox I like to plan and get organised so the process is easy to follow and can fit it into my busy schedule. Being organised and planning is essential! Here are a few of the things I do.

Check social calendar, want to make sure there are no events that will interrupt my focus!

Plan some meals, and gather recipe ideas that are suitable on detox, get some raw food recipes for deserts and new snack ideas, I love my usual favourites like my Green Detox Soup Recipe (also featured in my blog) how ever i’m always up for new ideas!

Write a list of organic produce to make my meals on food plan. Coconut oil, will need this oil for skin and hair treatments, will also need epsom salts for bath, stock up on superfood powders, and Matcha green tea, detox herbal teas

Buy a new skin brush- for dry skin brushing.

Stock up on some treats- coconut yoghurt, cacao powder, almond milk, goji berries, fresh dates (if in season)

Clean out fridge and pantry give it a spring clean.

Stock up on my Detox herbal nutrition powders, Probiotics.

Book a massage and foot reflexology treatment, pedicure and manicure

Get a new book to read.

I love detox time, I often discover new ideas, new recipes and I love how I feel after a cleanse. Its a great time to chill and pamper myself.

If you would like some guidance on how you can do a detox, I can help you.

I have an easy to follow detox program, with nutrition guideline info booklet.