Protein fruit whip, raw food delight

This little creation of mine is sensational!

I made this for something different, full of protein and wonderful nutrients to give you a sustainable energy snack.

You will need to eat this with a spoon, it’s a fluffy consistency, I eat these protein fruit whips as a snack and I also add them as a topping on fruit salads for dessert. ┬áThis is one of a few fruit whip recipes I have for you!

Method- 1 frozen banana, 3/4 cup of frozen mango, 1tsp Maca powder, 1tsp of protein powder, 1/4-1/2 cup of chilled water, blend well so it is a fluffy puree, do not add to much water it will go like a smoothie rather than a fruit whip! Gluten free, Vegan, Dairy Free.