Quick fix, Uplifting Orange

I love essentials oils, it’s another one of natures gifts that I enjoy. Orange essential oil is one of my favourite oils.

I love the feeling that instantly arises with the bursting scent of orange. This little gem is wonderful on a gloomy day, it can lift the spirits,  soothe the mind and heart by brining about a positive attitude.

Orange is a perfect scent to welcome a room, it’s a great cleaning agent.  I add a few drops of orange to bucket of water and vinegar to mop my floor, it’s also great to get rid of bathroom scum too.

Orange blends well with so many other oils, I love the combo of orange,  lavender and bergamot.

Here are a few easy ways to start using Orange oil-

Aromatherapy burner- place a few drops of orange to fill a room with positive warmth, blends well with rose geranium and bergamot.

Quick lift- place a few drops on a tissue inhale,  feel instantly positive.

Bath- orange oil 4 drops, lavender oil 3 drops, rose oil 4 drops- to clear heaviness and uplift the spirit.

Massage-  30ml base oil  add – 4 drops orange oil, 4 drops lavender- will relax sore tight muscles and lift the spirit.