Simple home made medicine

Winter warmer medicinal herbal tea

Home made fresh herbal teas are fun to make, full of  medicinal properties and flavour. This blend is perfect to warm you on a winters day, soothe sore throats and symptoms of cold and flu, also aids digestive and liver function.

Drink this tea 1 x day for a wellness, up to 3 x for sore throat, or to aid illness, drink after meal for digestive function.

Method- large mug of boiling water 2 lemon wheel, juice of 1/2 small  lemon , 3 thumb size cubes of ginger, 1 tsp of Manuka honey, 2 mint leaves. Sometimes I replace mint leaves with sage leaves, or a stick of cinnamon, or  a fresh date or a few cloves, you can experiment with those herbs fto add a different flavour.

Pop the Kettle on and enjoy!