Smart partying over the festive season, here’s how to stay in balance and avoid back tracking

This time of year there are so many social gatherings and celebrations for the festive season. It’s easy to over indulge on  rich food and too much alcohol. Going overboard will leave you feeling tired, bloated, and heavy. Rich foods and alcohol are very acidic and high in calories that you don’t need! Here are some of my top tips on how to manage a balance and prevent back tracking and feeling crap!

1 Avoid an “all or nothing attitude” a big mistake people make is binge eating every day, having treats and alcohol you wouldn’t usually have. Take is easy, don’t ditch your good lifestyle habits, keep them in place they are what will help your body stay in a good momentum, don’t binge all season.

2 Stop feeling guilty! If you have eaten food you usually wouldn’t have, allow yourself to enjoy it at the time. Feeling guilty after eating comes with negative thoughts and negative self talk often followed by more poor habits. It’s important to follow up with healthy choices the next day, nourish and hydrate your body.

3 Avoid backtracking  and having to re-lose weight you already lost before!  Stop the yo-yo, decide now that you are not going to gain weight over Christmas. Each time you regain weight is is harder to get off!

4 Eat your meals on an entree sized plate, this will stop you over eating, have smaller regular meals in intervals, keep up with clean eating, good quality protein, salads, vegetables and fresh fruits. Ditch the processed foods!

5 Do not go to a social function or party hungry, this is when you can make poor choices, eat and drink everything  in sight! Have a nourishing snack or protein shake before you head out the door.

6 Do not ditch the exercise! So many people think if they have been slack with food choices and drinking what’s the point in doing exercise or going to the gym, WRONG! If you stay in your exercise routine you body will thank you for it!

7 Don’t buy poor quality snack foods and junk just because it’s Christmas! Snack on good quality nibbles and make healthy platters to share, most people like to eat healthy these days, so remember that when you are shopping and stop those waistful purchases.

8 Ask yourself, do I really need that? What food will nourish my body, what do I need to do today to maintain my good choices and a balance…. you have all those answers!

9 Load up on Antioxidant foods such as- green tea, blueberries, cherries, pomegranate, yellow tomato, spinach, fresh green herbs, tumeric, ginger

10 Take a probiotic each day to aid digestion, and if you are hitting the alcohol take a B Vitamin tablet each day!

Coming soon, a blog on how to recover quickly from hangover!