Sore muscles? Here is what to do to get relief

Ouch, that hurts! Sore muscles are something we can all experience at sometime or another. Weather you have sore muscles from exercise, injury, stress, or your body being out of alignment, sore muscles can leave you feeling tired, de-motivated and flat. Here are some natural tips on what you can do to get some relief. Combining these things will help your muscles feel so much better.

Anti-inflammatory cream or gel- apply to affected area 2 x day, there are some great natural preparations available, or tiger balm is also a good option.

Magnesium- taking this helps with muscle health, magnesium can relax sore tight muscles and aid in recovery. Take a good quality product, powder is best and easier to absorb, take 1- 2 x day, it may take a month or so to get effect from taking magnesium. Contact me if you need some magnesium I always have it in stock.

Arnica Homoeopathic– I suggest you keep this little remedy in your sports bag or first aid kit. Arnica is available from health food stores and some pharmacies, it comes in small pill or oral spray, also a cream. Keep it on hand, Arnica is great to start the healing process for new injuries and ease bruising. Read directions for correct use.

Epsom Salts– taking a bath in Epsom salts is great to soothe and relax muscles, eases aching too. Place in a warm bath  2-3 cups of epsom salts. Adding essential oil to salts will also help deepen the effect- 3 cups of salts  add 6 drops Lavender essential oil, 4 drops Rosemary essential oil that combination of oil is a great pain reliever.

Massage- deep tissue massage is great to relieve muscle tension and soreness. The key is to have regular treatment, don’t wait for your body to say its urgent, go monthly for maintenance or more often depending on issues. Massage releases stress and tension, is used for rehab and injuries, increases blood flow to the muscle, gets acids toxins moving out and promotes healing..

Stay Hydrated– another reason for sore muscles is dehydration, this causes build up of acid in the muscles resulting in burning and aching. So get the water into you!

Good quality protein- make sure you eat good quality protein each day for muscle health. Take a protein powder for recovery after exercise, the amino acids in protein are the building blocks of muscle.

Get Flexy, Yoga or stretching–  I have left the most important till last.  Learn to stretch or do yoga it will make a massive difference to how you feel! Your muscles will give you problems if your not flexible. Yoga gets the circulatory and muscular system moving, clearing out acids and toxins, also releases stress that can build up in the muscle resulting in tightness. Regular stretching will have you feeling flexible and light. Yoga and stretching can be challenging at first but then you will experience your muscles release and relax and start to gain the full benefit and feel great.  Happy stretching everyone!