Clean eating

Easy Roast Pumpkin Soup!

You dont' even need to boil water for this one.....

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Clean eating

Snack attack!!

Keep your snacks healthy by having fresh whole foods, this goes perfect with my Matcha Chai Latte click here for...

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Healthy & Clean Living

Happy Health Winter Wellness News!!

Click here for my top tips on how to stay in great health this winter, nourishing recipes, what to do for cold and flu, and much more....

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Clean eating

Healthy spiced chicken recipe

This style of cooking chicken is quick healthy, lean and full of flavour!

arbonne greens smoothie
Clean eating

Summer berry & kiwi smoothie

This is a refreshing blend of summer fruits giving you a nutritious kick start to you day.

Protein fruit whip, a great energy boost, vegan dairy free, gluten free!
tropical sorbet
Clean eating

Tropical Sorbet, raw food delight

Raw food, vegan sorbet will have your taste buds singing...

Banana Snack
Clean eating

Raw food energy snack, banana delight

This is cute snack will keep you...

Vitamin c lemon, date smoothie
children's health

Home made Vitamin C tonic, a powerful punch to immune system

I came up with this concoction for my sore throat it worked a treat, filled with Vitamin C and tastes amazing, I will be making this again just for the flavour....

quick, lean, meal
Clean eating

Quick clean and lean meal of the week

This was quick to prepare and cook, I was starving and didn't want to fuss about in the kitchen...

Clean eating

Chia Seed, morning delight recipe

A healthy nutritious way to start your day, this Chia seed breakfast recipe is simple, easy, will fill you up and give you energy...

mash cauliflower
Clean eating

Cauliflower mash makes a great Rice substitute

I love mash cauliflower! it tastes great warm or cold the next day, it goes with so many other things...

easy roast veg
Clean eating

Easiest roast veg ever, you can serve this with anything

This 4 ingredient combo is the easiest roast veg ever! It goes with so many different dishes too...

Clean eating

Feijoa Kiwi Smoothie

This combo I threw together yesterday, was another winner, be quick as these precious Feijoa's wont be around for long....

brunch time
Clean eating

Poached eggs with asparagus, avocado, and something cheeky

I made this Paleo style breaky after the gym today, I was starving and this filled my belly nicely....