Take a moment to de-stress and relax

Yoga is my medicine. I have been able to manage stress and anxiety with regular practice and correct breathing. Yoga is part of my daily life,it is nourishing for me. I love what it brings to my mind and body. If you are stressed, need to unwind, or a battling anxiety, I suggest you do this posture daily, it is so beneficial.  Take a few moments to relax, unwind and de-stress with this simple technique.

Tips-This is a variati0n of child pose. It is important to vary this posture to what feels most comfortable for your body, this will enable you to relax and gain the most benefit. To help with stress and anxiety do this posture 1-2 x per day for a few minutes.

Place knees wide for a nice inner thigh stretch like in the picture, or you can place knees close together.

Arms can be stretched out in front of you like in picture, this enables you to transition into cobra or upward facing dog from tis pose if you are doing a routine at home, or you can bend elbows and rest head on your hands while holding tis pose.

Close your eyes, settle into pose, breathe gently through your nose, listen to the sound of your breathing, it will  help to soothe and calm the mind.

Relax and enjoy!