Tips on how to store your superfoods

Many of us buy different kinds of super foods to add to our recipes as we all know the benefits of these foods. I have many of them at home, and love these little gems. It is important to store super foods correctly once opened to obtain a high nutrient quality. Many people store these  in cupboards, pantry or kitchen bench tops and often not sealed correctly, this allows nutrient loss, from exposure to temperature changes, light, and oxygen.

Superfood storing tip- I always keep my super foods in the fridge, this will ensure it stays fresh, preserves good oil content, and high nutrient quality. I use jars, or safe plastic storage containers. Always check that seals are working properly. Make sure jar or container is completely dry on the inside, before adding superfood. When you use these super foods to your recipes you want them to be as fresh as possible so you can gain the most benefit from them. There is no point on adding something to your foods if it is decreasing in nutrient quality or  having good oils turn rancid.

I store these super foods in the fridge,I suggest you do the same for these and similar items- raw Cacao powder, raw Maca powder, raw Acai berry powder, Wheats grass, Barley grass, Spirulina, and any nutritional food powder. Probiotics, LSA, , Apple cider vinegar, Flaxseed oil, Liquid fish oil, , Gogi berries, Matcha green tea powder, Bee pollen, Tahini, linseed, raw nuts and seeds, ground nuts, almond meal, oatmeal, and dried coconut.

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