What to do for cold and flu? Here are my top natural tips to help you recover quickly!

Here are my top tips for a natural approach to the cold and flu season, as there really is nothing the Doctor can do!

  1. Abundant Health Immune Boost, always keep this on hand!  I have had clients say to me ‘this is a life saver!’, especially those who travel or lead very busy lives. If you are unwell take it 4 times per day and it will help your body immediately fight infection and help reduce severity of all cold and flu symptoms. To order your immune boost,  go to www.abundanthealth.net.au/shop  $40 for 200ml bottle or Winter special  2 bottles for just $75!
  2. Make a batch of  ‘kill that cold tea’.  It will give you a boost of Vitamin C and help reduce nasal congestion and ease coughs. For this you will need fresh lemon, thyme, sage, ginger and honey (preferable Manuka). Click here for the recipe: http://www.abundanthealth.net.au/blog/kill-cold-remedy-oldie-goodie/ 
  3. Steam Inhalation.  Fill up basin with hot water, add 8 drops of Eucalyptus essential oil and 3 of Tea tree essential oil. Lean over basin, close your eyes, cover your head with a towel and breathe in the steam for a few minutes. This is excellent to clear sinuses and reduce headaches. Also place a few drops of Eucalyptus oil on a tissue and inhale through out the day.
  4. High Potency Garlic.  Take a good quality Garlic supplement 3 times per day. I like Kyolic as it is high grade and very effective.  This helps to fight infection.
  5. Coconut oil.  There is nothing worse than having sore red nostrils from tissues tearing the skin from all of those nose blows. Place a small amount of coconut oil around nostrils as needed to reduce dryness, soreness and redness.  Make a decongestant chest rub from 2 teaspoons of coconut oil, add 5 drops of eucalyptus oil, 3 drops of lavender oil, melt in palms and rub onto chest.
  6. Ditch the sugars and white foods.  It is important to avoid sugar, fruit juice, dairy and all white flour products. These foods can produce mucous and worsen congestion in the body.
  7. Hydrate.  Keep your fluids up with lots of lemon in hot water throughout the day.
  8. Rest is essential for a speedy recovery. Don’t push yourself and burn the candle at both ends.  Let yourself recover properly before going full stream ahead!