Yoga is not about ‘being’ good its about ‘feeling’ good!

Yoga is not about 'being good', I do yoga because it feels damn good!

As a yoga teacher I love to share peoples journey with them, it brings me so much joy to see people feel great, glow and have big smiles! I have an amazing job.

I remind my students that ¬†yoga is not about being good its about feeling good! If you feel good after yoga you have achieved what its about! Yes its nice to be able to achieve some of the fancy stuff, however it is important that you enjoy what you can do for you body at the time and slowly build from there. With regular practice it’s amazing what you will be able to achieve in the different aspects of yoga, the growth and rewards from yoga are endless! Even if you are not flexible, the time spent on your mat is so valuable, it’s a time to centre and ground energy, focus on breathing and connecting to your body, those things alone will make you feel great.

Yoga is part of my daily life, with regular yoga practice I get an opportunity to connect with myself on a deeper level and understand what is going on with my body. I  learn so much from yoga and teaching, my passion for it has grown more and more over the years. I love the discipline aspect of asana (pose), and meditation practice. When I do yoga I always feel amazing, I am so much more aware and mindful of myself and others. I feel healthy, vibrant, fresh, strong, poised, with a sense of both mental clarity and calmness all from yoga!

I feel so fortunate to share my yoga love with people, Namaste…..