Yoga Mats back in stock, new style and colors

Abundant Health Alignment Mats

Yoga mats are now back in stock. I am excited about the new style, colors and packaging. Now have 8 colors to choose from-Navy, Purple, Aqua, Emerald green, Hot pink, Orange and  new colors Red and Yellow.  2 designs to choose from Lotus and Mandala.

Also pleased to announce Online store is open! My yoga mast can be purchased here along with Abundant Health Immune boost and other herbal tonics.

Benefits of the Abundant Health mat-  These mats are designed by me, the unique style will help you with correct placement of body and give you check points for alignment during postures. This will greatly assist you during your yoga practice. I highly reccommend these mats for people new to yoga, it will give you an understanding of your body and improve your confidence. People with yoga experience love these mats as they help gain a deeper connection and understanding of the body during postures. If you are into you yoga these mats are a must have! I love using my mats each day, I have one in each color of course!

Mats are $64.95,  my yoga students receive a reduced rate on mats when purchased at class, discount student price $55!

Go to my shop above to take a look or place and order.  Namaste Samantha

Lotus Design

Mandala Design