Naturopath Consult & Health Check

During a naturopath consultation and general health check-up Samantha provide treatment for any current health concern and advice for any dietary issues.  Nutrition and lifestyle recommendations are made, and natural medicines to treat any conditions or improve general health and wellbeing. Various tests will provide an overview of your current health status and determine the cause of an existing conditions or health problems.  Testing procedures used in the session are Blood Screening, Body Composition Analysis, Iridology, Zinc and nutritional testing.  In some cases pathology testing outside the clinic may be used. Samantha’s aim is to educate and inspire you, while providing professional advice on how to manage your long-term health and achieve your health goals. Consultations are suitable for people of all ages and children.  Learn how you can improve your health, look and feel your best!


A relaxing hot oil massage using high quality, organic and essential oils. A great way to sooth tired muscles, relieve stress and tension. A beautiful way to relax and spoil yourself.  Gift vouchers are available for this treatment.

Foot Reflexology

A therapeutic foot treatment, foot reflexology works on the pressure points of the foot to improve circulation, general wellbeing and stimulate and detoxify the organs to support cleansing. This treatment is often used in conjunction with fertility treatment and detoxing.

Energy Balancing

A gentle, soothing session, Energy Balancing can help with emotional challenges, stress and anxiety, as well as balance chakras and the physical body.

Essential oil blends and flower essences may be used to support the session.

Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing

An ancient form of sound healing used for meditation and relaxation, Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing is a great way to clean and relax the mind, as well as sooth the body. Initiate inner healing, clear blockages and revitalise chakras.

Essential oil blends may be used to support the session.

Weight Management Program 6 or 12 weeks

Do you want to lose weight and keep it off?

Samantha Lorton can help with a safe and nutritional approach to changing your body shape.

The Abundant Health Weight Management Program is about getting to a healthy weight and keeping it off! Short weekly reviews are used to support you through your journey to clean eating and weight reduction. Through correct nutrition for your body type and exercise, you will learn how this simple approach can change your body forever.

Program includes weekly support sessions to give guidance and testing procedures are used to monitor progress.

Detoxification Program 6 weeks

Increase your energy, feel lighter and more positive. Improve your wellbeing!

This safe and effective method will assist the body’s own cleaning process. The Abundant Health Detoxification Program is easy to follow with simple steps. A review and assessment will be provided every two weeks. Testing procedures are used to monitor progress.

Pregnancy & Baby Care

Samantha Lorton offers help and support with pre-conception care, the different stages of pregnancy as well as natural remedies for babies. You want the best for you and your baby, and it’s important during pregnancy, and once your baby is born, to use products that are safe and prescribed by a health care practitioner.

Understanding and using optimal nutrition will ensure the health of both mother and baby.

Samantha Lorton is experienced in:

  • Fertility support for both mother and father
  • Pregnancy massage
  • Natural remedies for your baby, including the treatment of colic, immune problems, reflux, constipation, ear infections, emotional upsets, skin conditions and introducing solids.


Children's Health

Children love natural remedies! Samantha Lorton takes a professional, safe and effective approach to natural health care for children treating immune problems, recurring infections, digestive upsets, allergies, skin conditions, stress, behavioural problems and day to day support during times of growth.

Samantha can help you manage flu concerns, tummy upsets and trauma from home as they arise.

Samantha uses a range of natural remedies especially for children that taste good and are easy to administer.