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Ever been stuck for a tasty drink when your trying to avoid alcohol?

When you are avoiding alcohol but still wanting to be social it can be difficult. You may find yourself feeling stuck to find something other than water which is boring, or soft drink which is full of sugar and nasty colours, preservatives and additives. I have a solution of some great healthy tasty drinks for you to try. Here are 2 of my favourites that you can easily make yourself and enjoy.

Simple soda with a twist- cut 4 pieces of cucumber leave skin on, 4 lime wheels, 4 mint leaves, big glass of mineral water and ice. I like to squeeze the left over lime into the soda for an extra tang. when mineral water is low simply top it up there will be enough flavour for a few drinks. If you are not a soda fan then use soda water. If you want and extra tang add 2 slice of fresh ginger!

Raspberry lemonade with an Abundant Health Twist- I love Remedy Drinks Kobucha it is the only brand that is organic and sugar free- Method for my twist ~ place 3 raspberries in a big glass, squash them with a spoon so they are mushy, add 2 lemon wheels and 4 mint leaves add ice then pour in the raspberry lemonade. This is so delicious and nutritious.

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