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How to set yourself up for online yoga class at home

Online Yoga at home is the new normal, for those of you who are used to being in a studio class environment this may seem a little strange and different to what you are used to.

I am going to outline a few things that can help you adjust and make your home yoga experience special and run smoothly.

Firstly find a neat clean area in your home to make your yoga space, maybe bedroom, lounge or living area or what ever works for you. You will need enough room to lay out your mat and be able to have some side moving space from you mat too.

Make sure your room temperature is comfortable, you may need heating, a fan, or some fresh air depending on the weather.

Have on hand anything to make yourself comfortable for Savasana~relaxation, a blanket and or socks. Also any props that may assist in your practice, a pillow, cushion, strap or blocks.

Setting the mood, have some soft lighting or a lamp, maybe even add a candle for a nice touch.

Pets love yoga mats, those of you who are pet owners already know this! If you do not want to be rudely interrupted by your pet trying to hog your yoga space, put them outside or somewhere they can't access you for the duration of the class.

I love to use essential oils I usually spray our yoga space before class, so you may like to do the same with an essential oil mist spray or use an oil diffuser.

At least 5 minutes before class, prepare by getting your device ready to view our class, click link to zoom, you will be sent to waiting area. Use this quiet time for yourself to ground and centre your energy.

Sit quietly, practice breath, bring your awareness to yourself and body.

Once all attendees are in waiting room I will bring you all into live class, say hi to everyone make sure you can all see me, next I will get you to adjust your camera so I can see you, and you can see me, then set it so no one else can see you so you have privacy. This can be done with a few clicks on my instruction.

Please inform me if you have an injury or something I should know before we start class.

Next I will mute everyones microphone so there is no distraction from background noise then we are ready to go!

During class it is important to me that you feel free to ask questions of any kind, I do not want anyone to feel unsure or hesitant on something that we are covering. No question is a silly one, if you are thinking something I'm sure someone else is too. We can all learn from question and answers!

To ask a question, what you do is simply go to your device unmute the microphone and go ahead and ask your question, I will see that you are prompting this and will happily go through a solution to answer your enquiry.

Finishing up class, after Savasava I will prompt you to come to a seated position and I unmute everyones microphones so we can connect for a few minutes before saying goodbye.

Abundant Health Yoga tribe is in full swing online and I am so pleased to have so many people part of my community, I understand that us working in this way is a big change and I am thankful so many of you are embracing this . I am completely committed to helping your with your yoga practice in every way. Please communicate with me via text or phone call I am always here for you. Namaste Samantha

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