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Abundant Health specialises in bringing wellbeing and success to businesses and individuals through their Corporate Services


We offer a range of quality services to corporate environments as we know that productivity and happiness can be directly correlated. We work with you to establish a plan according to the desired outcome for your team and organisation, creating a healthy culture with positive results. We come to you before, during or after work, live zoom is also an option for remote clients.


Our services include: 


  • Yoga

  • stress management programs

  • Meditation Classes

  • Wellbeing Health Assessments



Corporate Yoga 

30min session

  • Yoga plans tailored for your team and organisation. 

  • Customised yoga classes for all levels guiding you through:

    • Alignment techniques for safe practice.

    • Correct breath using a range of styles including Vinyasa Flow, Restorative and Yin Yoga. 

  • An illustrated instruction guides of each session emailed to individuals or the team to enjoy the benefits of practice in their own time.

  • We advise on how to create a yoga space for your workplace.

Corporate Meditation



“Meditation can improve employee’s productivity and focus by 120%.”


  • We come to you before, during or after work.

  • Easy to follow methods of guided meditation and mindful practice. 

  • Mindfulness plans tailored for your team and organisation. 


Corporate Stress management program

6 x 1 hour sessions over 6 weeks or 3 x 2 hours sessions each week

  • this is the ultimate program to help empower your staff to better manage  the effects of stress. 

  • teaching tools to useful in daily life such as, body & mind relaxation techniques, movement with breath, breathing techniques, introduction to meditation made easy, positive psychology.


Wellbeing Health Assessments

30min or 45min sessions


With over 20 years’ experience in clinical practice we offer high quality advice and guidance to your people. This service includes:


  • Private sessions to provide a focus on over all wellbeing & stress management. 

  • Your staff will be advised as an individual on how they can improve their nutrition, have appropriate self-care and be given management tips on how they can build resistance to stress.

  • Key supplements and herbs may be recommended to reduce effects of stress, anxiety and sick days. 

  • ​Tests conducted during health assessment include:

    • Blood pressure

    • Blood glucose reading

    • Iridology

    • Zinc test

    • Body composition analysis

  • Privacy of your employees is highly respected, always protected and kept confidential. 


Your people are your greatest assets, therefore keeping them healthy, happy and reducing stress response is paramount to the success of any company. You can give back to your staff through Abundant Health Corporate Services and create a wellbeing plan and wellbeing culture.


For further information on pricing, packages and how we can tailor a program to suit your organisation, contact us today.


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