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Flowers you can eat- my 5 favourite little gems of pretty nutrition you can add to food

FLOWERS YOU CAN EAT- I have recently fallen in love with edible flowersI These little gems I have always admired when seeing pictures used in food but had never used them until now. I sourced a local shop that sells these organic beauties, however I am going to grow my own. Each flower offers different nutrients and flavour. Generally they are used fresh in small quantities, adding them as a garnish and decoration to savoury salads, leafy greens, fruit salads, cakes, desserts and even ice-cubes. They are a beautiful addition the garden and veggie patch or grow easily in pots. My top 5 edible flowers to grow and enjoy- 1 Nasturtiums ~ colour reds, oranges and yellow, they have a peppery spicy flavour cross between radish and watercress.  2 Viola, Pansy and native Violets ~ come in an assortment of colours from yellow, blue to purple having a sweet grassy flavour 3 Marigold, Calendula ~ also known as poor man's saffron, these bright yellow and orange petals give a tangy, spicy to bitter taste. 4 Rose ~ the quintessential flower of love, the petals offer a sweet flavour with a slight spice. The intensity of flavour will depend on type, colour and soil. Darker the petals more intense the flavour.  5- Corn flower ~  these brilliant blue petals are sweet and tangy, whilst helping you stay relaxed.

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