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hear from my clients about their experience with me


  • Sam Lorton has been my Naturopath for over 8 years and has helped me through some significant ailments and times in my life. I’d be lost without her guiding knowledge and alternative treatment options. A number of years ago, I had glandular fever as a result of being completely and utterly run down. There was nothing my Doctors could do to assist. I had an appointment with Sam who prescribed a treatment plan. I was back at work the following week able to manage my symptoms with more energy and could hardly believe the turn-around in my health. 

As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I booked an appointment with Sam immediately who reviewed my pre-natal vitamins, gave me some helpful advice on different foods to eat to give me energy and vitality and talked to me about how to manage my symptoms throughout pregnancy. Any time I have a cold or flu I’m straight onto Sam to get a bottle of her tonic to help me recover faster. It’s even better when I have some on hand to get rid of my sicknesses even faster. When I decided to become a vegetarian for a period of time, Sam assisted me to get my B12 levels back on track and manage my iron as a more natural alternative. Sam is a shining light at a time when you think you have no other options. She is extremely knowledgeable and experienced and nothing is ever an issue. She’s a counsellor, health professional and all round great human. Thank you for all your help and support over the years Sam.  ELLE MACLURE, BRISBANE


  • Amazing Sam has helped me stay healthy for over 20 years, and I can highly recommend her expert advice in all the areas she practices in, truely an Earth Angel 😇 walking Earth 🌍 and sharing her gifts and learnings to All.  SAM SMEATON, QUEENSLAND



  • Sam  is AMAZING! She is inspirational & dedicated to teaching yoga to many. Sam has so many routines that every class is different & exciting. She is very calming, has a beautiful soul & has the most gorgeous smile.I  feel great when I do yoga with Sam & she is the reason I want to keep going back to yoga Sam explains evert movement clearly & precisely, so it’s so easy to listen to & follow. I love yoga with Sam!  DEB TUCKER

  • My First massage with Samantha today,, I have never ever experienced a better massage in my life. I've been to so many massage therapists over the the years but none left me feeling like something I can't explain, such as her techniques and healing approach. I knew in my first session that I have truely found my 'go to healer' MICHELLE SCHEERES, Scarborough, QLD

  • I have been doing Yoga with Sam for over 5 years, both with colleagues at my workplace and at her classes in Brighton. I have tried Yoga at different times over the years, but had never really connected with it enough to become a regular until I started having sessions with Sam. Her classes have always been well-sequenced and have met the needs of the group really well, particularly within our workplace Yoga where there are a range of abilities, experience and desired outcomes from the weekly sessions. Sam has always shown a genuine consideration of any injuries within the group and provided alternate activities for individuals when required. Sam is passionate about Yoga and the importance of correct posture and will always take the time to correct poses or talk about alignment, giving us the confidence to make time on the mat outside of classes as well. With the sessions before work, I initially found it quite challenging to switch off and not think about the day ahead, but it did not take long to be able to make the most of the opportunity to relax and unwind before the chaos of the day begins and it has become a highlight of the week. KATE JOHNS



  • My wife and I have been going to Sam's yoga classes for 7 years now.  During that time we've managed to incorporate an amazing array of moves and poses into our yoga practice so there has never been a dull moment.  Sam brings a well-calibrated blend of support and challenge to her teachings which makes her classes fun and focused and enables you to discover just how far you can push yourself with safety. After Sam's yoga class I walk a little taller and with longer strides for the rest of the day!  PETER LECORNU 

  • I met Sam when I was in my mid-40s and had never tried yoga. As a wellbeing initiative, Sam was invited to run a weekly class at the Westminster School for staff so I thought I would get on board (with a little encouragement from colleagues).

        While it wasn’t easy for me, I was an instant convert and I put this down to Sam’s friendly nature, patience and encouragement to            ensure I got the most out of our sessions and could see the way ahead. Nearly 10 years later, I am self-motivated and confident in my practice to allow early morning time most days for about 20 minutes of yoga to complement my lessons. I cannot recommend it highly enough for my generation, particularly men of my age, to ensure a healthy degree of flexibility and toning is nurtured and maintained. 

Equally, I cannot recommend Sam highly enough as an instructor. Sam is able to impart her passion for yoga so that anyone at any level can benefit from her knowledge and experience.  PETER TRENORDEN 


  • Samantha is such a caring practitioner, I have seen her for over 15years before I got married and had my children now we all see her. I have always been able to trust in her guidance with my health, I always turn to her with any health concern, always knowing what to do, she has helped me in so many ways with her holistic approach understanding and wonderful remedies.  Myself and my family use her herbal tonics which are amazing, we always use her Immune Boost and cough tonics any time there is illness in our family. I highly recommended. LEE, ADELAIDE

  • Amazing yoga! Such a welcoming and relaxing environment! Good for people who haven't done yoga and want to give it a try and for people who have experience in yoga practice! Highly recommend!  KELLY NEICE



  • I first met Sam some 14 years ago, when I attended my first ever yoga classes. I was so stiff and uncoordinated I just laughed, but loved her classes and have been attending ever since whenever I can. It’s amazing how much more flexible and toned I have become. I also love her meditations.

Being a naturopath, Sam blends a traditional and wholistic approach to her yoga, tailoring it for individual needs. If you find Samantha running classes in your area, do yourself a favour and go to one, she’s also a lovely person.  MOYA HAMAM



  • Love my weekly classes! Samantha is a great teacher and I always leave feeling fantastic and wanting more.  CASSIE BOWDEN



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