naturopath consults- massage -energy healing

At Abundant Health my aim is to give you quality advice and natural health care so can feel you best. 

With over 20 years experience I am here to help you gain optimum wellness, vitality, and treat any existing health concerns or simply pamper you with a massage.


Specialising in womens and children's health, with expertise and success treating various concerns from

  • all digestive disorders, improving gut health, allergy and intolerances

  • immune system, building resistance to infection, support for auto immune diseases

  • hormone health, PMS, fertility issues, menopause

  • stress & anxiety management & long term solutions

  • detoxification 

  • weight loss solutions

  • healthy anti ageing program 

  • general wellness

  • learn what foods are best for you, nutritional guidance is given each session

  • learn more about your body's signs and signals and discover if you need to be taking supplements or not.

  • I use traditional practices, herbal medicines, supplements and other natural remedies are prescribed when required to restore your health and wellbeing. 

  • pathology testing used when required.  


HOME CLINIC using Covid safe practice and hygiene

  • Naturopath wellness consult -  Initial 1 hour $100  Follow up 30min $55

  • Massage - treat yourself to a healing hands massage releasing tension from your tight sore body, feel refreshed and relaxed 1 hour $75

  • Reiki Energy Healing- can assist in clearing emotional tress, anxiety, blockages in moving forward, replenishing body, balance chakras, guided meditation & Tibetan sound bowls may also be used to help calm the mind and enhance your session 1 hour $75

  • Guided Meditation- learn easy approached to meditation, through breath and different practices you can use at home to bring a sense of balance and calm to your mind 1 hour $75

  • Private Yoga therapy session- great for those who want to get started with yoga, are recovering from injury or illness, further develop your yoga practice and skill 1 hour $75


VIDEO LINK Naturopath consult

  • 1 hour $95 30min $55 

Appointments available Tuesday - Saturday. 

Clinic location at my home in Margate, Queensland 4019

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