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Welcome to a balanced mind and a flexible

healthy body



I can help you discover your yoga and wellness


At Abundant Health, I can assist to improve wellness and deal with any health concern.

Naturopath wellness consult will set on the right path to feeling your optimum. Specialising in women and children's health.

With over 21 years of experience treating you and your family naturally. Clinic located in Margate 30min North of Brisbane

yoga is about feeling good

Experience yoga; differently. My studio is online allowing you to participate from wherever you are. Join my yoga tribe so you can stay fit, healthy, and flexible.​

Join me for online yoga classes.  Everyone is welcome here, no matter what level you are. 

You can do a casual visit, book per class, attend as many classes per week, or purchase multi-pass passes.


Your health is your biggest wealth.  I have a saying, Let nature help your body heal its self.

Nature provides us with an abundance of medicines from food, plants, herbs, and oils to heal and restore the body, if you need guidance on how you can feel your best, I can help you. if you want to feel empowered with your health the book a Naturopath Wellness consult with me via video link.

" I  am not usually one for sticking to classes but Sam's Yoga classes make me want more, how she teaches, the environment she creates has been the best thing for me and my health - Sam you are a gem in so many ways" 

Jane, Adelaide

" Samantha has taken care of myself and my families care for the past 20 years.  When a health concern came up I knew I could always rely on her guidance to heal us. She had changed our lives forever "

leonie Clausen

" My brother (a chiro) was trying to talk me into doing yoga with Sam for a while and I was very reluctant.  Now it's just part of my weekly routine. Sam does a great job of teaching yoga but also understanding what each person needs and offering alternatives.  I couldn't recommend Sam enough! "

Mark, Floreani


samantha Lorton

Naturopath Yoga Teacher

Email- abundanthealthyoga@gmail.com Ph-0409670655

Margate, Brisbane QLD 4019 Australia

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