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Take action NOW to boost your immune system- I have great solutions for you

How to take action to keep your immune system strong during this Covoid-19 crisis and up coming cold flu season.  During this time of intense viral outbreak it is imperative you look after you immune system. Prevention is a key factor in helping you build resistance to infection of any kind. We are all personally responsible for our health and can all help prevent the spreading of any virus by complying with he advice we are all being given during this time.My best advice is no not panic but live with due diligence and practice personal hygiene, stay healthy by boosting your immune system make sure you get good sleep. Stay away from anyone who has recently returned from overseas or any one who has flu symptoms. I am doing video link consults to assist anyone who is wanting specific guidance for treating and preventing infection and many of you ave expressed you are experiencing anxiety, I can help you with this as there are many natural remedies that can ease the intensity of what anxiety brings.  Here is what you can do to boost your immune system - Take action NOW everyone should do this VITAMIN C - take a low acid vitamin C with bioflavonoids dose for adults 1000mg take 1 tablet 3 x per day ZINC- best taken in a formula that has B6 and magnesium for absorption Dose can differ for everyone, average dose is approx up to 50mg per day

PROBIOTICS- gut health is a major factor in your immunity, and how fast your immune system responds. The gut is the first site of immune response with any kind of infection. Take a good quality probiotic formula 1 or 2 x day before food during this season. HERBS- Andrographis, Olive leaf Extract, Astragalus, Reishi mushroom and 5 mushroom extract, Echinacea all have different properties to assist immune system and fight viral infections. I have a solution for you with my Abundant Health tonics, specifically formulated using high quality herbal extracts, will boost your immune response and increase your resistance to infection, help protect against viral infections, also help relive symptoms of cold and flu. ABUNDANT HEALTH IMMUNE SUPPORT PACKS- can be sent next day delivery for a small cost via post Immune Boost 200ml- 2 bottles for $95 - I have recently changed this formula to add more anit-viral herbs Dose 6ml 1 x per day to boost your immunity take 3 x day if unwell  Cough Relief 200ml- 2 bottles for $95 this will reduce the effect of all upper and lower respiratory symptoms  Dose 6ml up to 4 x day Children's Immune Boost 200ml- Dose 3-5ml per day Metagenics ANDRO-NK- 60 tablets a formula of Andrographis and other herbs to provide antiviral protection. Dose for prevention 1 per day if unwell take 2 tab 3 x day cost $42.95 note this is practitioner only product, only available though me Children's Immune boost- 200ml $45 SUPER IMMUNE PACK- 2 bottles of any herbal tonics, 1 bottle of ANDRO-NK 60 tabs $137.95 MULTI SUPER IMMUNE PACK- 4 bottles of any tonics 2 bottles of ANDRO-NK 60 tabs $267.90 SAVE $8 ESSENTIAL OILS- use these in a diffuser to clean and disinfect the air and help kill air born bugs- Lemon, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Clove, Rosemary, Tea tree. You can also make up a spray for use on surfaces such as door handles, mobile phones, benches and high traffic areas.  Use this spray on a non-scented baby wipe and clean you hands. Method for spray- preferably use a glass spray bottle 200ml- add distilled water-    15 drops of lemon, 10 drops of Eucalyptus, 5 drops of Tea tree, 5 drops Lavender, 3 drops of rosemary and (3 drops of clove optional) FOODS TO EAT- keep you diet clean and reduce all processed foods where you can. Consume foods that are in season  eat fresh locally grown produce this will give you body high nutrient value. Add these to your foods and cooking where possible fresh Garlic, onion, rosemary, thyme, cinnamon, Rieshi mushroom, Shitake mushroom.  HERBAL TEA-  to aid respiratory system make a mug or pot of tea with the following- fresh lemon, Thyme tea bag, fresh ginger, and Manuka honey

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