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The cooler season doesn't have to mess with your healthy groove!

This time of year often invites hibernation, comfort food, cravings, laziness, drinking less water and often illness.

There is no need to let the cooler weather mess with your healthy groove.

In fact it's the perfect opportunity to take stock of your progress make some tweaks and even dive into something new.

So often I hear my clients say things like- Oh I haven't been walking its too cold, or Ive been comfort eating and I have gained weight, oh I haven't had the motivation to go to the gym.

Then I see the disappointment on their face, and a sense of feeling deflated.

This is all to do with mindset- our belief systems, past patterns, permissive thoughts and excuses.

Stay in a good momentum with the habits you know support your health, avoid the all or nothing attitude as you know where this leads

Why re-gain those KG's you worked so hard to get off or just stop your healthy habits that you know make you feel great juts because the weather changes?!

I love setting goals- start with looking at your previous habits of the past in cooler weather, and figure out what you know sets you back and what you want to change for this season ahead.

Set goals for 6months, 3 months, 1 month and weekly. Make them achievable not dreams. Following through with you intentions to make the goals achievable. Keep them up somewhere as a daily reminder!

You may need to try something fresh? keep yourself motivated with exercise! take up a new fitness class to keep you motivated and inspired, or try a new indoor sport, dance class or maybe even get a personal trainer for a few months, rug up and get outdoors, breathe in the crisp cool air and see the beauty of the season in nature.

Find a fitness buddy to keep you accountable and inspired

Even enrol in a creative class of some kind that you have always wanted to do, to keep your creative juices flowing, art, crafts, language.

Keeping your mind stimulated will help keep your spirits lifted

Stay Hydrated- this will prevent cravings and feelings of excessive hunger. When you are de-hydrated you will crave sugar & bad carbs. So keep up with your 1.5-2 litres of water per day.

Even having hot water with lemon to warm your belly

Nutrition- watch for the comfort eating and cravings that can follow this time of year.

  • Keep your nutrition balanced and eat from the rainbow of fruits and veg that are in season

  • Eat protein with every meal to help level out your energy and hunger.

  • Do not over eat, keep your portions that same as your would in the warmer season.

  • Keep inspired with new recipes and ideas for quick easy meals.

  • Make more amount of your healthy evening meal and take left overs for lunch the next day so you are not tempted to order something warming to fill your belly, that you know you shouldn't be having

  • Do not have a few sweet biscuits or a muffin with your morning or afternoon coffee/tea, that will lead to even more cravings, have 1/4 cup of raw nuts and seeds and a fresh date instead

  • Do not eat after dinner- have a peppermint tea, stop the un necessary snacking

  • Shopping trolley- think before you throw those comfort foods in the trolley, do you really need all that chocolate, biscuits, desserts, chips and snack food?

Watch & Listen- for those cold weather excuses!!! Tap into you inner strength, look at your goals, and re-direct thoughts when you know you mind is choosing the old habits that you know do not serve you well

Use this season ahead to challenge yourself, keep those positive health and fitness vibes rolling!!

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