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14 Tips for an easy gentle cleanse for busy people

Here I give you some of my top tips to lighten the load on your digestive system and liver, that you can easily incorporate into your busy life. Here are some great ways to clean your insides! I am referring to some nutrition ideas and some natural remedies~ I suggest to take good quality practitioner brands, I can get you on something effective at the right doses, this can be delivered to you through my online ordering system. If you would like some further guidance or a detailed nutrition plan I am available for a consults to get you on the right track.

My 14 top tips

1.On rising drink 300ml of boiling water, allow to cool of course or squeeze half lemon in the water with a few cubes of ginger, always do this even if you are not cleansing!! Through out the day make sure you consume at least 2 litres of water.

2. 20ml of Chlorophyl Liquid in a glass of water, this will neutralise acidity in body, have this morning or evening take for 2 weeks keep in fridge once opened.

3. Probiotics- dairy free 1 capsule 2 x day before food for 1 month.

4. Keep your liver happy with some herbal medicine, my top picks are- Silymarin, Dandelion, Globe Artichoke, Andrographis & Gentian- take for 1 month. Contact me if you. would like a good quality formula.

5. Lighten the load on your digestive system by replacing some animal protein meals with plant based proteins, I have some recipes in my blog. If you are eating animal protein choose, FR chicken fillets, fish and turkey, avoid red and processed meat. Heavily reduce refined carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, bakery items, all sugar, fried foods, processed foods, dairy and alcohol. If you need some help here I am your girl, I can do a nutrition plan for you !

6. Eat at least 1 vegetarian meal per day, see my blog for cleansing soup recipes.

7. If you cant give up coffee then I suggest to have a 1 x long black per day, no more lattes or milky coffees of any kind.

8. Replace alcohol with a 'mocktail' of sparkling mineral water, fresh lemon, lime, cucumber a few mint leaves and some ice. Or for the blokes have a zero alcohol beer.

9. Dry skin Brushing- do this 2 x per week; use skin brush, start at your feet, brush towards heart, do your whole body but avoid face. Spend more time on ankles, knees, elbows, groin, under arms and belly. Shower after dry skin brushing, then apply coconut oils to skin. Your skin and lymphatic system will love this!

10. Massage- treat yourself to a deep tissue massage to release tension and get toxins moving.

11. Take a bath in 2 cups of Magnesium salts and 6 drops of Lavender oil- This combination will relax body and your mind.

12. Yoga or stretching 10min per day & 30 min of cardio exercise per day.

13. Be mindful- watch your thoughts, be kind to yourself, love yourself enough to make some positive changes to improve your health and wellbeing. Allow your thoughts to be kind and gentle.

14.Get enough rest at least 8 hours sleep per night, your body restores and heals during sleep.

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