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My top 10 favourite herbs

Herbal medicine is a big focus along side with nutrition for helping my clients reach better health. I always turn to herbs when I need some extra help with my health which give me wonderful results. Nature provides us with so many medicines that have been used for thousands of years by all cultures. In recent years herbs have gone through many scientific studies and clinical trials giving evidence on how they work.

Herbs can alleviate symptoms, restore health and general wellbeing. There are thousands to choose from here are a few of my favourites giving you a brief outline of how they can help. It is essential to take good quality herbs at correct doses for results. This is for general information only, please seek advise from me on what would be most suitable for you, or seek advise from you healthcare practitioner.

Ashwaganda- Withania : is an adaptogenic herb having multiple heath benefits ranging from improving brain function, increasing energy levels, improving resistance to stress, aiding adrenal health and function.

Andrographis : this herb is always my go to for cold and flu, has a fast acting effect to reduce symptoms of upper respiratory symptoms relating to viral and bacterial infections.

Cordyceps- a form of mushroom known to improve stamina and energy, strength of muscle & muscle function, has anti-cancer properties, may improve libido, aids blood glucose metabolism, cardiovascular benefits and reduce inflammation

Gentiana lutea- Gentian : this bitter herb has wonderful properties to aid digestive system. Traditionally used in 'Bitters tonic' that is used today in lemon Lime 'Bitters' drink. Gentian can alleviate bloating, indigestion, assist with reflux, helps you digest fats, is great for liver and gall bladder function

Passiflora incarnata- Passionflower: the beautiful purple flower of the passionfruit vine is wonderful for the nervous system. Passionflower has a calming effect can aid insomnia, stress and symptoms associated with anxiety.

Eleutheroccus centicosus- Siberian Ginseng: this root is another adaptogenic herb should be used to overcome fatigue, adrenal exhaustion, to aid in recovery of illness. Can help to repair nerve damage, stimulate the lymphatic system. This root can also aid in menopause symptoms of fatigue and muscle loss also had cardiovascular benefits.

Silymarin marianmum- Milk Thistle: this herb is the greatest liver lover, can aid primary function of liver, restore liver health by reversing damaged liver cells to healthy ones. Milk thistle should be considered for liver detoxification and should be taken by people who consume regular amounts fo alcohol to protect their liver.

Hypericum perforatum- St Johns wort: this is one of my go to herbs for stress, anxiety, insomnia and depression, one of the most popular herbs in scientific clinical trials that have many proven benefits for nervous system and brain function. NOTE- if you are depressed seek professional advice.

Curcuma longa Tumeric- this bright yellow root boasts high amounts of antioxidants, had proven anti-inflammatory benefits, can reduce pain caused by inflammation such as arthritis. Improves brain function and mood. Reduces risk of heart disease and protects the liver.

Zizyphus jujuba- a form of Chinese red date is also used as a medicine in tablet and liquid form. This sweet thing has so many health benefits from alleviating itchy skin conditions, aids liver, muscle, lung and cardiovascular health. Has a great calming effect reducing symptoms of anxiety.

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