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Summer Salad featuring my secret dressing & mango

I love this salad, it's simple, fresh and so tasty. Drizzle small amount of my secret dressing over the salad once served, it tops the flavours perfectly. Choose the amounts you want depending on the size of the salad you want to make. Serve with anything you like......

Ingredients- for salad


Baby Spinach


Cherry roma tomatos

Red capsicum

Red onion

Garnish with handful of Walnuts and fresh coriander

Ingredients for Dressing-

15ml sesame oil

25 ml olive oil

juice of 2 lemon

juice of 2 lime

finely chopped small cube of ginger

2 tsp of creamy mayonaise or vegan mayonaise

I add dressing ingredients to a small jar and shake well until everything combined, this can be stored in fridge for a week.

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