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6 ways to keep things simple- here is how I started to create a more simple life

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains ~ Steve Jobs 🙌🏻

I love these inspiring wise words, for me this week I am going to pay even more attention to my thinking process, responses and mindset. I am doing some inner work on myself preparing for 2020. I am creating space in myself, mind and my life ready for the new to enter. I have been working on true self acceptance, letting go of the critic, this has been a process, and still continues. I have faced many personal challenges this past year, I had major surgery for foot reconstruction, thinking I might never be able to do yoga again, recovering from that, teaching in a moon boot for a while, learning to use my foot again, facing big challenges with my yoga practice, facing my biggest fear and doing videos and creating YT channel and deciding to make a massive sea change. I had to surrender my fears and focus to heal my body, regain strength, gain courage to make big decisions and believe in myself that I could move our life and my business. Since my recent move to the Sunshine state I have made some great changes that is bringing ease and abundance. I’m keeping things SIMPLE and not over thinking for once in my life! I’ve learnt to completely surrender to TRUST paying even more attention to my mindset. This has helped me to embrace this change of new beginnings. It all started when I cleared out the clutter and crap we no longer needed in our old home, I had been there for 17 years. Clearing out all the excess accumulation (oh and there was a lot) made so much space in myself and my mind. Our new home is simple not over crowded with things we do not need or use. This feels so refreshing airy and light, giving my mind more space to focus on what I need to for myself and rebuilding my business here which is falling into place so nicely. Life is good I feel more at peace than I ever have before... big things growing for myself and Abundant Health Yoga so watch this space! There is so much change occurring I feel good about it....Anxiety is dissolving, I welcome inner peace. Here are a few of my top ways to embrace simplicity.

Simplicity tips

Focus & Mindset- start with 3 min per day, set aside time to clear you mind, this can be anything yoga, breath, meditation, a listening app you like to help with focus or a guided meditation anything that gives an opportunity for you to slow down, gain clarity and focus.

It won't happen immediately, but in time if you are consistent you will feel so much clearer and positive and will have the ability to re-set your thinking when you need to. Get perspective- during your daily motions be aware of your thoughts, train yourself to have perspective and recognise when your thoughts become negative, nagging, in a loop pattern, or bring a sense of overwhelm. Recognise you are doing it, then ask yourself, if thinking that way is of any benefit at all? take a deep breath, take a moment and se-set. Also look at how those thoughts affect emotions, how you feel and your energy levels. Re direct thoughts. Repeat repeat repeat Be willing to do the work- be willing to make changes. 'be mindful' they say, well thats takes time, discipline and effort. It's not just an idea that enters and fixes everything. You need to put effort into being the observer of thoughts and train yourself to re-set or re-direct thoughts over and over. This will stop the patterns and emotional responses. Be patient with yourself and keep it up, put effort in, you will keep learning along the way on the best way you can manage your mind. Being mindful is a way of being not something you occasionally do.

Culling-Clean out- give away- sell What could you let go of? what is weighing your down, where is there too much clutter? What do you have too much of? What do you have that you never use? I have experienced first hand how liberating it is to have a massive clean out. Start somewhere even if it's a small area like a draw full of stuff you never use, pantry or fridge. It is instantly satisfying knowing you have more space, less 'stuff' feeling cleaner and more organised. Have a good look at where you can make some more space in your life and your home. Be aggressive with your clearing, donate what you don't want or sell if it has value. Keep things light- once you give yourself the space back try keep it that way. Do a regular clean out. Stop accumulating and buying any new stuff you simply do not need. keep your space, spacious! Lighten the load on other places where you can, ease off on some of the things that make you feel overloaded or are just not vibing with you. Maybe even learn to say 'no' at times. Say no to people and things in your life that are weighing you down or drain your energy or you have moved on from. Eat light and clean, laugh often, be kind and gentle with yourself, talk to yourself nicely as you would a friend, kindness is everything. Read that last sentence again....

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