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Medicinal Green Soup - my recipe voted No.1 favourite by many

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

My delicious green soup is a favourite in our household and also with many who have made my recipe I have received so many messages and photos about people loving this soup and how nourishing it feels to eat it. This alkalising soup is so delicious you will be making another batch in no time. Providing your body with a great source of energy, fibre and bursting with nutrients such as B vitamins, Vit C, folate, betacarotene, zinc, calcium, magnesium. Wonderful for gut health and liver. I even have a mug of this for breakfast some days!


1/2 Leek

1-2 Zucchini

2 bunch baby broccoli

2 celery stalks

200G baby spinach

bunch of kale leaves

1-2 Lemon

good size cube of fresh ginger

1 LITRE chicken or vegetable stock

WATER, this will vary depending on size of vegetables

Garnish option- Coriander leaves, coconut cream optional


Chop all ingredients. Heat a drizzle if olive oil in a big pot, add leek, and celery stir for 2 min.

Add zucchini stir for 2 min, then add 1 litre of stock bring to boil then simmer for 2-3mins.

Now its time to add the baby broccoli, kale and ginger, simmer for 4-5 min, then add baby spinach and juice of 1 lemon, you may need to ada a little more water here add small amount at a time, heat and simmer for 2-3min. Now you soup is ready to blend! You want to blend this well so it is a rich smooth consistency. Serve hot, option to garnish with coriander, a dash of coconut cream can be a nice addition.

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